PowerTrain Studio 20
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The PowerTrain Studio 20

Hand-Wired – American Made – 20 Watt Tube
Powered Monitor for Profilers and Modelers

The PowerTrain Studio 20 is the first product of its kind to bring all-tube analog power to the digital world for guitarists who wish to achieve a killer tone when using any one of the great modeling/profiling processors. The PowerTrain Studio 20 is for those smaller venues where a larger monitor is not necessary. Perfect for Home, Studio, Small Club, Church or Tour Bus but still capable of over 115db.

This Power Train was created for the guitarist who needs the convenience and versatility of modeling/profiling amplification but wants the tone, feel, and performance of a highly portable all tube 20-watt powered monitor.

Models 1x10 Combo
Power 20 Watts - Class AB
  Fixed Bias
Tubes 12AX7 Dual-Triode (preamp/driver)
  6V6 Power Tube
  Solid State Rectifier
Size 16x9x20 (LxDxH) - Combo
Weight 27 lbs - Combo
Speakers Eminence Copperhead
 Features Hand Wired Board
  Level Control
  Dual Inputs
  Fixed Bias Power Amp
  Vintage Style Chicken Head Knob
  American Made High Grade Aluminum Chassis
  American Made ClassicTone Transformers
  American Made Baltic Birch Cabinet
  Black Strap Handle
  Rubber Feet
  Built one at a time, by hand in the USA

ValveTrain amplifiers continue to prove that high value and affordable hand wired production amplification is still built in America. All of the major components including cabinet, transformers, speakers, board and chassis are proudly made in America. The amp is hand wired at our ValveTrain facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida. There are over 50 American small to medium size businesses in the supply chain behind every one of these amps.

  • Item #: AMP-PT20-120V
  • Manufacturer: ValveTrain Amps

The PowerTrain Studio 20

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