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ValveTrain Bunker Hill

American Made 14 Watt - Cathode Bias Amplifier

Inspired by the Britsh Invasion the Bunker Hill can best be described as Bright and Jangly.

This amp will take you back to a time of being Eight Miles High, Nehru collars and Tamborines.

Featuring a pair of 12AX7 dual-triode preamp tubes driving the signal through a matched pair of cathode biased 6V6 power tubes the result is all vintage. Combining simplicity of the amp designs of the 1960's with a modern touch, the amp controls are Volume, Tone, Master and Cut. The tone control has a very wide sweep that allows for a massive amount of tonal flexibilty.

A quick flick of the guitar volume knob summons the full range of the Bunker Hill's voices. The amp is great for home, studio or small venues. Put a microphone in front of it and it will fill the largest of venues.


Models 1x12 Combo
  2x10 Combo
  2x10 Vintage Alnico Combo
Power 14 Watts - Class AB
  Cathode Bias
Tubes 12AX7 Dual-Triode (preamp)
  12AX7 Dual-Triode (phase splitter)
  Matched 6V6 Duet (power)
Rectifier 5Y3
Size 22x11x20 (LxDxH) - Combo
  17x9x10 (LxDxH) - Head
Weight 38 lbs - Combo
  18 lbs - Head
Speakers 1x12 Combo - Eminence Wizard
  2x10 Combo - Eminence Ramrod and Ragin Cajun
  2x10 Vintage Combo - Custom Weber Red Basket Alnico
Features Hand Wired Point to Point Eyelet Board
  Volume, Tone, Master and Cut Controls
  Cathode Bias Power Amp
  Vintage Style Chicken Head knobs
  American Made High Grade Aluminum Chassis
  American Made Transformers
  American Made Baltic Birch Cabinet

The Revolution Series amplifiers continue to prove that high value and affordable hand wired production amplification is still built in America. All of the major components including cabinet, transformers, speakers, board and chassis are proudly made in America. The amp is hand wired at our ValveTrain facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida. There are over 50 American small to medium size businesses in the supply chain behind every one of these amps.

  • Item #: AMP-BHILL-
  • Manufacturer: ValveTrain Amps

The Bunker Hill

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